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Exceptional Business Financial Audits in Newburyport

financial audits in NewburyportAccess to accurate financial data is essential for every organization, including nonprofits and Homeowner Associations (HOAs). The surest way to achieve that is to place your financial audits in the hands of a trusted outsourced CPA. Jeffrey C. Kirpas & Co., P.C. is experienced with providing business audits for organizations throughout Newburyport.

Our skilled CPAs will conduct thorough examinations of your financial records and deliver clear, accurate reports, giving you the information you need for continued financial success and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we provide reliable compilations, audits, and reviews for businesses, HOAs, and nonprofit organizations. Contact us today for quality service and a personalized approach to auditing.

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Why Outsource Audits to a CPA?

By outsourcing audits to our experienced CPAs, you can reap numerous benefits for your finance team and organization. Some of these benefits include:

Greater Accuracy: We have dedicated accountants who can focus exclusively on your audit, ensuring that nothing is overlooked due to familiarity or divided attention.

High Integrity: As outsiders to your organization, we can review your financial records with total impartiality. We offer an unbiased perspective to help you spot weaknesses or evidence of financial mishandling in your organization.

Improved Productivity: We handle the entire auditing process, allowing you and your employees to spend more time and energy growing your business.

Qualified Expertise: Our skilled CPAs are experts in auditing and will prepare accurate reports to help your managers, executives, and board members understand our findings. If we discover signs of misplaced funds, overspending, or mishandling, we can coach you on the applicable next steps and help you secure your capital.

Nonprofit Auditing Services in Newburyport

business team auditing finance reportsAs a nonprofit, you want to ensure that every cent of your funds goes where it's needed most. We offer full audits to help you identify how your funds are allocated and pinpoint any overlooked resources or weaknesses in your accounts. As a result, we can help bolster your capital and support your efforts. Our precise audits also help you maintain your tax-exempt status by ensuring your compliance and identifying anything that could jeopardize your organization. Moreover, we have extensive experience providing audits to wildlife nonprofits in Newburyport and around the globe.

When to Conduct Nonprofit Financial Audits

The exact timing of your nonprofit audit largely depends on the requirements of the entity to which you'll submit the results. Typically, nonprofits are expected to submit audit results once every year. However, you'll need to understand the amount of time needed to prepare, conduct, and make recommended adjustments based on the audit process. These factors determine how early you'll need to begin the audit process to meet your deadlines.

Our team has several years of experience delivering timely nonprofit audits in Newburyport and can help evaluate your unique circumstances and recommend the right time to begin an audit. One industry best practice is to ensure we complete your audit before you file your Form 990. As a result, we'll allow you adequate time to incorporate the adjustments you may make due to the audit on your Form 990.

However, suppose unavoidable circumstances make it impossible to complete your audit before Form 990 is due. In that case, our CPAs will help you file a Form 8868 with the IRS to request an extension and ensure this vital audit information is included.

HOA Audit Services in Newburyport

A Community of Brick Suburban Homes on a cloudy summer day.Many businesses need an annual audit of their financials to comply with various requirements, including HOAs. Our HOA audits provide a complete, objective, and impartial evaluation of your organization's finances.

We recognize that your association's financial health is the heartbeat of your HOA. If your financials are in bad shape, the board may not approve spending requests. We offer accurate audits to help your board understand the financial position of your HOA at any given time. As a result, they can make more informed decisions that help keep the HOA properties and assets in perfect order. In the case of HOAs, most state laws require an annual audit.

Additionally, your HOA may need an audit under the following circumstances:

  • When bylaws require an HOA audit every year
  • If you need to regulate the board
  • When transitioning to a new HOA management

Get Exceptional Audits in Newburyport

Other than annual nonprofit and HOA audits, we offer professional auditing services for business owners looking to sell, such as engineering firms, doctor's practices, law offices, architectural firms, and others. Additionally, we can provide on-demand audits when one partner is exiting your business, your bookkeeper is leaving, or there is a change in company ownership or control.

At Jeffrey C. Kirpas & Co., P.C., we're proud to support global and local businesses, HOAs, and nonprofit organizations with audit services in Newburyport. Whether it's a simple compilation or a full audit, our CPAs are committed to your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our auditing services.

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